A Good Diagnosis Leads to Effective Treatment

Our Services Include

  • Evaluation to identify your child’s barriers to learning and performance
  • Developing a customized plan to address the identified learning barriers that interfere with your child’s school success
  • Providing the learning specialists to instruct your child in ways he or she can learn

Assessment and Testing Services

  • IQ Testing (viewing complex verbal and visual information processing abilities)
  • Cognitive/Learning Processing Evaluation (viewing auditory and visual perceptual skills, simple memory, and specific motor skills)
  • ADHD Screening
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder Evaluations
  • Personality, emotional, and behavioral evaluations
  • Academic testing in reading, writing, mathematics, oral expression, and listening comprehension areas

Who Benefits from the Diagnostic Center?

Children Experiencing

  • Academic problems in reading, math, and writing
  • Other learning problems including specific learning processing deficits and/or delayed development
  • Difficulty focusing and/or concentrating
  • Emotional symptoms including anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, etc. that interfere with learning
  • A lack of motivation
  • Medical issues that cause learning problems
  • A lack of planning and organization
  • Poor social skills that interfere with learning
  • Behavior problems at home and/or school

Empowering Literacy Across The Disciplines

Administering reading evaluations to identify your child’s strengths and to target areas for growth

Reading is a complex process that is critical for success in everyday life. Students at every level utilize reading to learn new material in school, while their parents read for understanding in their jobs. We are here to help increase your child’s proficiency with reading and writing, regardless of his or her current ability. Our reading specialists can develop an instructional plan that is specific to your student’s needs and interests. We implement a customized plan of intervention in a supportive and nurturing environment.