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What people are saying about The Davidson Center:

“Davidson Center did not just provide homework help. They helped my son become a more independent learner.”

– A high school parent

“I was able to understand exactly what was keeping my child from learning at school.”

– A parent of a 7th grader

“After starting the tutoring, my daughter’s grades went from Cs to As.”

– A parent of a 9th grader

“Please tell your staff thank you! Our son got a 92 on his chemistry final and finished the semester with a B!!! We will be looking into Spanish tutoring next.”

– A parent of a 10th grader

“The increased confidence from working with Davidson Center helped my son when he interviewed for summer jobs.”

– A high school parent

“The Davidson Center was very warm and inviting and we saw an increase in our twin sons’ desire to study and prepare for tests.”

– A high school parent

“The Davidson Center has kept me informed about the progress of my student, and their director has attended meetings at the school along with his mother.”

– A middle school teacher

“Katie is earning all As and Bs. Her mom can’t be more pleased.”

– A high school counselor

“I was failing math. The tutor helped me understand how to practice math better than all my math teachers. Now I am doing much better.”

– A middle school student

“They’ve helped me improve my grades”

– A high school student

“I learned more because I did not have other distractions.”

– A high school student


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