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What people are saying about The Davidson Center:

“I wanted to thank The Davidson Center and to let them know how well the college application process worked out for my child this year. He applied to 6 schools and was accepted to 5. He will be attending NC State in the Fall. We have The Davidson Center to thank for that, including Jean Bonnyman and Vinod Thomas. I’m sending our neighbors your way!”

– A High School Parent:

“The Davidson Center put to rest my insecurities and accepted my learning disabilities. They helped me reach my fullest potential during my college process. My SAT and AP Exam scores went up immensely because of them. In the end, I was accepted into 13 colleges. I cannot thank The Davidson Center enough for their commitment to each student that walks through their door”

– A High School Student:

“Davidson Center did not just provide homework help. They helped my son become a more independent learner.”

– A high school parent

“I was able to understand exactly what was keeping my child from learning at school.”

– A parent of a 7th grader

“After starting the tutoring, my daughter’s grades went from Cs to As.”

– A parent of a 9th grader

“Please tell your staff thank you! Our son got a 92 on his chemistry final and finished the semester with a B!!! We will be looking into Spanish tutoring next.”

– A parent of a 10th grader

“The increased confidence from working with Davidson Center helped my son when he interviewed for summer jobs.”

– A high school parent

“The Davidson Center was very warm and inviting and we saw an increase in our twin sons’ desire to study and prepare for tests.”

– A high school parent

“The Davidson Center has kept me informed about the progress of my student, and their director has attended meetings at the school along with his mother.”

– A middle school teacher

“Katie is earning all As and Bs. Her mom can’t be more pleased.”

– A high school counselor

“I was failing math. The tutor helped me understand how to practice math better than all my math teachers. Now I am doing much better.”

– A middle school student

“They’ve helped me improve my grades”

– A high school student

“I learned more because I did not have other distractions.”

– A high school student


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