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Secondary School and Placement

Finding the right boarding school is about matching the abilities, personality and interests of the student to the school environment that best meets those needs. Mary Jane Freeman, the Certified Educational Planner, works with each student and family in an individualized manner to find schools where the student will thrive.

An initial meeting with the student and the student’s family begins the journey. A comprehensive educational history is the first step in determining what a student needs academically, socially, and emotionally. Discussing the student’s interest and abilities is the primary focus of this first meeting. A thorough review of all available records, aptitude, and achievement testing is also useful at this first meeting.

An individual plan is developed and typically includes the following:

  • An understanding of the test requirements for admissions (SSAT testing is typically required for most boarding schools. We administer the test here at The Davidson Center)

  • Follow-up meetings with the student and family are scheduled and include an individual meeting with the student; a meeting with the student and family to summarize the needs of the student and to discuss specific school options; and follow-up meetings to assist with completing the applications.

  • Mary Jane Freeman will contact those schools or programs which seem most appropriate and which meet the criteria determined by the family and the consultant. After determining the optimum program or school, she will send all relevant records to the school or program. She will also assist the family in arranging visits and interviews to the suggested schools.

  • Following the student’s enrollment in a school or program, we will actively continue in the role of advisor, monitoring the student’s progress and communicating with the family. In the case of a short-term intervention program, we will assist with further educational planning.


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