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Private GED Tutoring

The Davidson Center provides students with the most innovative, creative, and successful private tutoring for the GED.

Learning at The Davidson Center

If you want the most efficient and effective test prep, then our private GED tutoring is for you!

  • Flourish with one-on-one attention
  • Focus on your needs with a flexible curriculum
  • Practice with actual GEDs
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Build confidence
  • Maximize GED scores

Our GED tutoring sessions are designed to make test-takers more comfortable with the GED experience and to increase their scores and self-confidence. Our interactive sessions focus on test familiarity, content, and the test-taking strategies students will need. We move along at a comfortable but lively pace with ample opportunity for questions and answers.

Because we firmly believe in collaboration and close contact with parents, a student over 18 years of age can sign a release to have our tutors email their parents a session summary report after every GED tutoring session.


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