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Education Consulting

Boarding & Local School – Therapeutic Placement


Choosing a school can be a daunting decision. Few parents have a full array of resources needed to guide a student toward the best choice. In times of crisis, parents are often overwhelmed by a barrage of emotions and may not be aware of the options available. That’s where Mary Jane Freeman plays a pivotal role. Mary Jane offers a high level of personalized guidance. Because Mary Jane travels to visit many campuses, meeting with admission officers and students, touring facilities, and learning about the current campus culture, her personal insight provides a family with a much deeper understanding of each school.

Our process initially is an in depth meeting with the student’s family for a comprehensive history and review of available records. Comprehensive psychological evaluations, if needed, selection of schools and programs based on a comprehensive understanding of the student’s educational and therapeutic needs, communication with appropriate schools and programs to facilitate placement, and monitoring the student’s progress and post-placement planning.

Among the questions consultants usually hear:

  • How do we know when treatment is necessary?
  • What would be best for our child?
  • Is an intervention needed?
  • Should we find a residential program?
  • Would a wilderness therapy program be a good choice, or would an emotional growth boarding school be better?

What works for one adolescent or pre-teen may not be appropriate for another. We explore each child’s or teen’s unique needs. Mary Jane possesses comprehensive knowledge of placement options. She has extensive experience working with crisis intervention, dealing with oppositional behaviors, and other emotional/behavioral issues and find the most suitable solutions. Mary Jane spends time visiting and evaluating multiple program (only by conducting such visits can a consultant get a good understanding of a facility’s strengths, therapy options, and staff expertise). An IECA professional member.

What to expect from and IECA Consultant:

  • Testing
  • Research
  • Follow Up


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