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Literacy Development

Empowering literacy across the disciplines

Our Services

Administering reading evaluations to identify your child’s strengths and to target areas for growth

Reading is a complex process that is critical for success in everyday life.  Students at every level utilize reading to learn new material in school, while their parents read for understanding in their jobs.  We are here to help increase your child’s proficiency with reading and writing, regardless of his or her current ability.

Determining an individual’s independent reading level allows us to help your child choose “just right” books in his or her 99%ile level.  The reading specialist can develop an instructional plan that is specific to your student’s needs and interests.

Implementing a customized plan of intervention in a supportive and nurturing environment

After we thoroughly assess your child and develop his or her instructional plan, our specialists can provide the specific interventions to re-mediate you child’s reading and writing barriers.
Literacy Development
We emphasize:

  • Love of reading and writing
  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Vocabulary development
  • Oral reading fluency
    • Utilization of cueing systems:
      • Grapho-phonemic
      • Semantic
      • Syntactic
      • Visual

Our programs include:

  • Educational therapy
  • Orton-Gillingham approach
  • Lindamood-Bell approach
  • Wilson Reading System
  • FastForWord

Assessment and testing service

The Diagnostic Literacy Evaluation offers assessment of reading and writing skills & processes related to language development.  Tools utilized vary dependent upon client’s needs, but will include a subset of the following:

  • Norm-referenced academic testing in vocabulary, reading, and written language
  • On-going formative assessments to guide instruction
  • Analysis of standardized testing
  • Auditory processing skills

Who benefits from enhanced literacy development?

If your child exhibits one or more of the following behaviors, he or she can benefit from the services of the Literacy Development Center.

  • views reading as a chore rather than a pleasure
  • difficulty comprehending non-fiction material
  • reads passages, but cannot summarize content
  • struggles to decode unfamiliar words
  • decodes words, but fluency is impaired
  • articulates a story or concept, but encounters difficulty putting thought to paper
  • difficulty visualizing material read
  • possesses appropriate to extensive oral vocabulary, but cross-over to writing is limited
  • low SAT or ACT scores in reading and writing
  • low End of Grade testing (EOG’s)
  • difficulty with higher level writing and thinking skills