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Employment Opportunities at The Davidson Center

Tutors needed!  English, Math, Chemistry, and ACT/SAT Test Prep tutors….please send resume and cover letter to:



SAT/ACT Prep: What You Should Know…



  • All students in North Carolina are required to take the ACT in March of their junior year at their high school (no charge to parents)
  • Approximately 90% of the content IS COMMON TO BOTH TESTS
  • Current research suggests that students who get the best results:
  1. Start preparation early (summer prior to junior year)
  2. Take multiple tests
  3. Are open to taking both the SAT and ACT
  4. Develop a test plan that includes taking three to four SAT’s and/or ACT’s in a short period of time. (We help you develop a Test Plan that suits you! We recommend specific tests and test dates that fit your schedule while considering your other obligations — AP exams, final exams, athletic schedule, other commitments)

Maintain and Gain this summer!

Classroom Learning 3

Now is the time to start thinking about your summer academic plans! Our motto is “Maintain and gain!” It’s easy for students to forget what they learned over the course of the school year in just a few weeks time. We offer one-on-one tutoring in foreign language, math, science, language arts, social studies, study skills, and more! Call us today if you’re interested in having your student come to The Davidson Center this summer! We offer one-on-one tutoring in a variety of areas! We would love to help! 

Why not Maintain and Gain with Skype (Zoom)?  It’s live with a live teacher and it’s interactive.  No worries with vacation or your summer schedule.  Morning, day, or evening we are available…AT YOUR CONVENIENCE…


We know that you value your student’s education and so do we! Don’t let your student forget what he or she learned all school year during the wee summer months!

Come to The Davidson Center for enrichment! We offer instruction in a variety of subjects, including foreign language, mathematics, science, English, social studies, SAT and ACT test prep, and more!

Why not Maintain and Gain with Skype (Zoom)?  It’s live with a live teacher and it’s interactive.  No worries with vacation or your summer schedule.  Morning, day, or evening we are available…AT YOUR CONVENIENCE…


Call 704.892.4533 or visit to learn more about what we have to offer.


Between Hands-Off and Helicopter: How to Parent During the College Search Process

It was so easy to get our kids into the best preschool! At 4:00 a.m., my husband was the first in line for the few available openings. We read all the parenting books and successfully potty-trained three “non-biters.” From preschool to high school, we lost control. Nagging didn’t induce more studying and pulling strings doesn’t work with college admissions offices. We had to find a new way of “helping” that didn’t alienate our teenagers and improved their chances at finding the right colleges. Here are a few techniques that worked for us.

EARLY is the key to success. Not exactly being like first in line for preschool spots, but similar. Start thinking about possible colleges as early as the ninth grade. Know what colleges are looking for in students’ high school experiences and actively make sure they‘re taking the courses they need.

Teach “survival” skills EARLY. At age 10, it can be a “cool” thing to know how to do your own laundry. At 17, it’s the last thing you want to squeeze into your school, sports and social schedule. College freshmen – now called “first years” in most schools – have the hardest time with three things: laundry, time management, and alcohol. Make them do the first as soon as they can reach, let them struggle – with your support – to learn the second, and speak often and openly about how to handle the third.

Allow your kids as much freedom as possible EARLY. You can step in if you notice small failures – when they’re in college it’s too late. The boy whose mom not only made, but also cut his waffles may have a hard time even getting up in time for breakfast at the college dining hall. This list of “freedoms” includes:

  • Handling money – a checking account and credit card
  • Car maintenance – pumping gas and inflating tires among other skills
  • Basic cooking – knowing how to make two or three meals
  • Making one’s own schedule – making appointments and keeping them
  • Responsible Communication – calling or texting with schedule changes and other important information, and checking email regularly

Kids learn from experience. When they tackle new responsibilities while still living at home, you can alleviate the pain and consequences of mistakes and praise their successes!

Finish college applications EARLY – before Labor Day of senior year. One dad who works in Penn State’s admissions office told his kids that he would pay for all applications submitted before then – but not after Labor Day weekend. Apply EARLY – narrowing your choices down can dramatically increase acceptance chances!

Finally, communicate EARLY on to your student and college counselor the financial parameters for college choices. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the exact amount you are prepared to pay, each college is required to have a “Net Price Calculator” on the admissions page of its website. Use this tool to determine whether specific schools are financially feasible and to help finalize a realistic college list.

While the basics of raising babies and toddlers haven’t changed much, the college application experience is completely different for high school students than it was when their parents applied. Encourage your child’s independence EARLY and get as much support as possible from college admissions professionals to make this next parenting stage more stress-free than the “terrible two’s!”

Need a boost?

Taking the SAT ? Feel like you might need a little boost? September 24th, 2016 @9am-2pm is our SAT Boot Camp! Learn the ins and outs of the SAT, including test-taking strategies! Review skills you already know and learn some new ones, too!

$285 for 5 hours of total instruction

Call today to reserve your space! 704.892.4533

SAT student


Now Hiring

The Davidson Center is seeking tutors who specialize in AP English, AP U.S. History, Math and SAT/ACT Test Prep! We believe that every child can learn and thrive. Our highly professional and passionate staff is dedicated to the students’ success in school and in life.

Over the past sixteen years, we have evaluated well over one thousand children and adolescents, guided many children to better grades and self-esteem, counseled hundreds of teenagers in finding the colleges that are right for them, and assisted families in finding boarding schools and therapeutic programs for those students with learning and behavioral challenges.

All instruction is done at The Davidson Center. Tutors do not have to travel to other people’s home. We are looking for: highly skilled, motivated, dependable individuals who have strong communication skills and possess a love for teaching.

We are conveniently located in downtown Davidson, NC!

Experience in education is preferred. Candidates must have a B.A. or a B.S. from an accredited university.

Please send resume and cover letter to Ms. Abbe Granelle:

Latest Diagnostic Center News

School has begun for 2015/2016. If your child struggled with EOG’s we encourage an academic evaluation to determine age and grade levels in reading, math and writing.  Targeted and customized follow-up instruction by our professionals prepares your student for a more successful school year.

Study Skills assessments for middle and high school students can identify those strengths and barriers to optimal performance.  Doing well in school takes specific skills, motivation and self-regulation.

The effective student is:

  • able to remember information, draw conclusions and make inferences; select main ideas and knows how to study effectively for a test;
  • has the attitude and motivation to work hard, maintain interest, and manage anxiety;
  • is able to concentrate, manage time, review information and create outlines and summaries.

Following assessment, we offer multiple options to help your child become a more successful student.

EOG Prep at The Davidson Center

Did you know The Davidson Center offers EOG Prep for grades 3 through 8? We can do one-on-one tutoring or small group instruction! Call us to learn more. (704)892-4533