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Enhancing your curriculum

AP classes are regulated by the College Board, meet certain academic criteria, and lead to the AP exams. Taking the exam validates a student’s grade, and beyond that, may actually generate college credit. AP exams are offered in May and you have one shot to nail them. We can help!

Prep on your terms

We’ve designed our programs to provide you with just this: a personalized prep experience to fit your learning style and schedule with our top notch instructors.

Do you have a few friends you would like to prep with? The Davidson Center offers group settings. We understand that a group setting does not work for everyone, so we also offer 1:1 instruction.

  • Exceptional instruction
  • Completely customized
  • Flexible and convenient

Regardless of what level AP class you have, you will be working with a highly qualified instructor trained to help you achieve your maximum potential.


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