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Archive for May, 2018

Published Articles of Interest for High School Students and Their Parents

Why is it so hard to Calculate?  What you’ll pay for College.


College’s first test:  How to pay for it.

Official Publications from the Independent Educational Consultants Association for Students and Parents


10 Important ways IECA members are unlike other Independent Educational Consultants


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How to Find the Right College


10 Tips for College Visits


What Colleges Look for in High School Students


Common College Myths

How to Pay for College


Differences Between High School and College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities


Common College Accommodations/Services


Seniors only space to talk about college and get college applications done.  Participating seniors should come prepared to apply to at least one college.

Topics include:  Brief self-assessment, Brief assessment of college list, College application essays:  advance brainstorming and short responses, Resume generation, Digging deep into the college application process, Scholarship training, and Letters of recommendation and auditions/interviews

Students will walk away with:  A completed college application with completed short responses and solid ideas for primary essays, A powerful resume and the skills to keep it sharp, A better comprehension of the college admissions process and how to tackle it, A skill set to search and apply for scholarships successfully, An action plan for senior year including application comments, timelines, financial aid deadlines and more…..

Parents BONUS Financial Aid Information Session, Thursday, 7/12 from 3pm-5pm  and/or Thursday, 8/9 from 3pm-5pm


Session 1:  July 9 – July 13

Session 2:  August 6 – August 10

Time:  9am – 2pm

Cost:  $800 Before June 15 ; After June 15th $900

Discovering Your Path ATTENTION: Rising Freshman-Juniors!

The Davidson Center’s unique opportunity for underclassmen (rising freshmen-juniors) to unpack their goals, research aligned opportunities, complete high school must-do’s, and map out a path for the rest of high school.  Too many students stress too much (or sometimes too little) about post-secondary plans.  This week-long session enables students to calmly, yet efficiently explore their trajectory in a no-pressure, engaging environment.  Both students who have no ideas for life beyond high school and those who think they know exactly what they want  are suited for this workshop.

Topics Include:  Basic and advanced self assessments, major/career exploration, resume generation, finding the right college fit, college application basics, and introduction to summer programs

Students will walk away with the following:  a well-fitted, academically matched list of colleges to explore this school year, a powerful resume and the skills to keep it sharp, a completed practice college application & brainstormed essay topics, a better comprehension of the college admissions process and how to tackle it, a skill set to search & apply for scholarships successfully, and an action plan through junior year.

Parents BONUS Financial Aid Information Session

Dates:  July 23 –  July 27, from 9am – 2pm (30 minute working lunch)

Cost:  $850